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Fund Partners

At Mansard, our primary aim is to provide our clients access to a number of investment managers that can provide superior investment performance. We believe that investment management is as much about people as it is processes, our rigorous research and due diligence when reviewing and screening a manager is not just about track record, regulation and structure. Instead we seek out dedicated teams, that are well seasoned and offer more innovative investment ideas or themes.

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We believe that historical performance data offers only a limited understanding of the fund managers “footprint”, we build strong relationships with our fund partners built on mutual trust and gain an insight into their investment behaviour. Combining this with the fundamentals and technical analysis, tends to be a more reliable indicator in understanding the probability of their future success.

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To reduce risk, it is important to consider strategies that are not highly correlated to each other within a portfolio. If you hold a hundred funds whose returns rise and fall in near unison this affords you little protection. Adding Alternatives to your client’s portfolio will help complement managers that are highly correlated to more traditional markets, whilst providing better downside protection and an overall better risk adjusted investment return.

Clearly, the best investment talent is not confined to one firm or location. We wanted the freedom and flexibility to access the skills of the best investment managers around the globe to help our partners achieve their client’s goals. For that reason, we chose not to solely focus on our own in-house investment funds. Instead, carefully select external managers that offer a unique proposition and can add value to our partners and their clients portfolios.