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Fund Platforms

Mansard Capital Marketing work alongside leading Fintech-driven technology investment platforms. Each is designed to support the international adviser market, concentrating on establishing long-lasting business relationships, built on foundations of innovation and a bespoke online customised client and adviser experience.

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Our investment platforms simplify the process of investing with online access, powerful consolidation tools and back office integration. Advisers can now spend far less time on administration and more time servicing the needs of their clients or attracting new ones.

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In today’s technology driven world, investors want to know how their money is invested and see how their portfolio is performing. Most importantly they want transparency in terms of fees and feel they are getting value for money.

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Advisers can choose to adopt a single or multi-platform strategy depending on their client’s needs, goals, residence or domicile. Each solution is combatable with onshore and offshore pension trustees and fully integrates with Mansard’s managed portfolio service or we can create a “core & satellite” approach allowing investors to select from a wide universe of funds.

Contact us to establish how your business can be transformed by embracing technology driven platforms and the additional revenue streams it can create.