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Mansard Capital Management is a specialist investment manager providing discretionary management services, multi asset solutions and alternative investment funds to private clients and institutions. Mansard Capital Management was founded in August 2010 with the primary aim of providing innovative investment solutions to the market.


We place great emphasis on preserving capital, whilst seeking to provide strong risk adjusted returns. Our highly experienced management team has significant expertise and a deep understanding of the risk management and governance requirements necessary in managing a range of investment solutions.


Risk monitoring is an integral part of our overall investment framework, ensuring that portfolios are constructed in an appropriate way, with acceptable levels of risk and unintended risks are not taken. We create innovative solutions that are engineered for capital preservation, diversification and optimised returns. Alternatives are less correlated to traditional markets, helping provide better downside protection and risk adjusted returns.


Changes within the macroeconomic, regulatory, and legal framework within the UK and Europe, has created unique investment opportunities. Basel III regulations have had a negative effect on traditional lenders and banks liquidity, creating a funding gap and opportunity for alternative capital providers. We look to partner institutional firms, with a long-term track record, helping to bridge that gap, providing senior, junior, mezzanine or bridge financing solutions.


We execute many types of transactions, from single preferred equity deals to more complex structured portfolio solutions, understanding both the needs of our investors, but also the unique circumstances of our institutional partners. The key to successfully investing in equity transactions is often having a predetermined and clear exit strategy, allowing investors to monetise their investment holdings.
Mansard is committed to providing an impeccable level of client service whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards in all its dealings. As part of this we provide complete transparency across all our portfolios and underlying investments.
The pessimist complains about the wind
The optimist expects it to change
The realist adjusts the sails

“At Mansard, our primary aim is to provide our clients with superior investment performance. We believe that investment management is as much about people as it is processes, we employ a team of dedicated, seasoned and innovative professionals whose talents are fostered in order to achieve our investment objectives.”

Leon Diamond, Founder & CEO