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About Us

As a provider of innovative investment solutions, we strive to provide an unrivalled suite of best of breed financial products, that is underpinned by a first-class client service. Our objective is to deliver an outstanding range of funds and discretionary services, helping investors to mitigate risk and provide better risk adjusted returns that are not correlated to traditional markets or asset classes.



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We understand the multitude of obligations to be satisfied in each country, the ongoing regulatory requirements to remain compliant, and how to construct and develop robust strategies. We have a deep level of knowledge and experience in more than 40 countries, creating a powerful and efficient multijurisdictional understanding of our clients needs.


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It is our client focus that has contributed most to our standing as a market leader in cross border value added services. We tailor our solutions according to your footprint and operational needs, to help free up your internal resources. We are convinced that our expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining investment strategies would not be as effective as it is without this flexibility.

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The pace in which changes in legislation is happening within the international advisory market and increased demands from regulatory authorities has be expediated over the past few years. Our global reach and industry-specific expertise, means we are not just highly reactive to our client’s needs, but ahead of the game by identifying where the industry is going and when.

We work alongside leading global financial institutions, private banks, family offices and wealth managers with the common goal of delivering strong outcome based financial solutions with a focus on corporate governance.